About Wallanet

What is Wallanet?

Wallanet was created to help small businesses get online quickly. We offer affordable, easy to set up websites in a variety of business niches.

Wallanet is owned by ASM Media, Inc. a California USA company. The owner of the company is Ashley Meyers, who begin in web development during the tumultuous early days of the web and the original dot com bubble.

Wallanet is an offshoot of Motorcar Marketing, a marketing service provider for car dealers. Motorcar Marketing provides a simple to set up and use platform for car dealers to quickly build a professional looking website for their businesses (sound familiar?).


Ashley Meyers

"After running Motorcar Marketing for several years and working with numerous small business owners, I felt like there was a need for a product that would allow anyone to quickly build a professional looking website for their small business. Small business owners are super busy. They need a website and they need it quickly and without having to worry about any number or technical challenges.

"WordPress is great for certain applications but it can get quite complicated and it usually needs quite a bit of tweaking to make it work correctly for a specific businesses needs. Other platforms that offer the so-called simple "drag-and-drop" interface usually end up looking terrible and can take quite a bit of time to set up, time which most small business owners I know don't have!

"So me and my development team set out create a simple, intuitive product to help small businesses get online quickly and cheaply.

I feel like we've accomplished that with the current version of Wallanet. And we're willing to stand behind our claim and offer a free, no obligation trial. Just find the correct template for your business, fill in the form, and you'll be up and running in no time."